I just wanted to let everyone out there know that we just had the most wonderful experience with this contractor. I can’t say enough about their professionalism. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for contractors that show up when they are suppose to and do the work they promised to do, and then add extras as they are needed. An amazing experience and we have had some that were not worth writing about.
— J. + L. Ansay | Tucson, Arizona
Such a joy to have in our home! The Star Builders & Remodeling team worked very hard to keep our home as clean as possible during the remodeling.
— Ramsay | Tucson, Arizona
Miguel and his team surprised us with their ability to turn our vague ideas into the amazing kitchen we now have!
— A. Fernandez | W Tucson, Arizona
In everything Star Builders and Remodeling have done for us, they have shown professionalism, provided the highest quality finished product, and they finished the job when they said they would, and they have been honest with us. Because of their excellent work, we have recommended them to many friends, and I am pleased to say that all of them - without exception - have thanked me for recommending them.
— Dr. W. Martin | NE Tucson, Arizona
Star Builders gave great care and attention to all aspects of the remodeling of our 1950’s Josler existing structure, including the interior finishing culminating with the granting of the Certificate of Occupancy by Pima County. Star Builders and Remodeling met tirelessly with all inspectors on this project and conducted themselves with utmost professionalism.
— Painter + Kline | Tucson, Arizona
On behalf of the Immaculate Heart High School Office I wish to express our appreciation of the works your company has completed at the high school campus. Overall, we are particularly pleased with the outcome, and I can report that the school community is delighted with their new facilities.
— Sister A. | IHHS, Tucson, Arizona
What a pleasure it has been to have Star Builders and Remodeling in our home. The work they did is beautiful and makes our house a more wonderful home. We have been sufficiently impressed with their work that we have referred several of our close friends to them and they were also very pleased and satisfied with what they did for them. Star Builders and Remodeling has our sincere gratitude.
— Dr. McGregor | 49ers Country Club, Tucson, Arizona