This project was an enormous undertaking in which we worked with the homeowner and the architect each step of the way to make this backyard a true desert oasis.

Here's how we achieved this desert oasis for our clients...


Ramada Work

The ramada work consisted of both demolition and construction, requiring an acute attention to detail and clear communication between everyone involved in the project. We removed the existing fireplace, grill, patio flooring (while retaining wall and block), and the wrought iron fence. We provided temporary chain link fencing until the completion of the project, as well as prepared the land for new construction.

Before Photos

Ramada Construction Process

Colored concrete slab was poured with 12" footings and re-bar, and was reinforced with mesh wire. 

Construction of the outdoor kitchen grill was completed according to plan specifications with a tile top, water to wet bar, and a stainless steel sink. For the storage area, stainless steel doors with two pull-out trays and trash container, accent lighting and stainless steel refrigerator. We worked an underground gas line, three feet deep, from stationary gas tank to the gas grill, which was selected by the homeowner.

The construction of the fireplace was reinforced with re-bar and fire brick. Additionally, the cantera (cement tiles) were installed around the center according to design plan specifications. The bancos (sitting benches) on the sides of the fireplace were built with flagstone cover and accent lighting. The stucco finish matched that of the exterior of the house and the façade on the bancos matched the existing finish on the posts located in the front of the house. 

We installed a custom perimeter wrought iron fence which matched the pool fence, including 23 lineal feet of block wall for added privacy. We even expanded metal attached to the bottom of the fence, about 1' - 2' high for protection against snakes.


Dedication + Professionalism

Our team worked tirelessly to stay on schedule and maintain open communication with the homeowners every step of the way. 

With every change to the original plan and contract, a new strategy was implemented to ensure efficient use of time and resources.


After Photos