Wrought Iron Works

The term wrought was applied to this type of iron because it could be wrought into many different shapes and designs. The alloy itself has an elastic and malleable nature that many artists and designers can shape into interesting patterns. There are books and websites that feature interesting wrought iron fence designs and photos which are great for finding ideas to use in ones home.  

The traits that make wrought iron fences desired begin with its appearance. Wrought iron fencing is much stronger than other common fencing materials such as wood or vinyl. Because wrought iron is so hard to break, it is better than many other fences for security purposes.


This homeowner enjoys the artistic look of the oxidized iron, giving it an aged and rusted look. Although this untreated style is not one for everyone, it is a popular Southwestern style among our custom wrought iron works.


Colorful Wrought Iron Security Gate

We replaced a large sliding gate with this smaller security gate for this homeowner. They wanted something colorful and artistic to help break the monotony of the cinder block wall. 

This particular design is a popular request among other homeowners!


Other examples of custom wrought iron work: